Storage company shirks responsibility after rain water damages customers' items

Storage company shirks responsibility after rain water damages customers' items (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Curtis Olsen stayed with family as his new home was being built. For the nine-month period, he needed a place for all of his stuff.

He found a company called Coolbox that rents storage containers. Olsen rented two and they sat outdoors at Coolbox's facility.

When Olsen got his stuff back, he says much of it was ruined.

"Due to their negligence, the roof leaked causing significant damage to our belongings," he said.

Olsen said Coolbox, at first, promised to help, telling him to take photos and to send them along with an estimate of what it will cost to replace his damaged belongings.

Olsen did as instructed, submitting a claim for $4300. Then Coolbox’s attitude cooled.

"They said that the water came from the rain and they're not liable for the damage due to the weather," Olsen said.

By email, Coolbox told Get Gephardt they're reviewing Olsen’s claim and would get back to us. We never did hear back.

Olsen did. He received a settlement offer for $1,500, less than half of what he estimates to be his loss.

Get Gephardt, again, contacted Coolbox, asking if they wanted to comment on the settlement offer.

Coolbox didn't respond, but sent Olsen a new settlement offer, this time for $3000. The offer came with a catch: in an email, Coolbox wrote, the "offer is only valid if you terminate the negative television report."

Get Gephardt reached out to Coolbox yet again, this time asking about their attempts to strong- arm and gag Olsen from talking to the press. Again, we got no response, but a few hours later, Olsen said he heard from Coolbox and they have now reached a settlement.

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