Get Gephardt: The refund check that can't be deposited

The refund check that can't be deposited (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Jesse Majors has had a $690.19 check in her hands for more than five years. It’s a refund of an overpayment she made on some federal student loans.

But she can't cash it.

"It's right there in your grasp and you can't get it," she lamented.

The problem stems from a 2010 bankruptcy Majors declared. The refund was issued after the bankruptcy was discharged, but the US Department of Education chose to issue the refund check to a bankruptcy court trustee instead.

Majors says the trustee refused to cash the check and give Majors the funds or to sign over the check to her so she could cash it.

"She said that I needed to contact the issuer of the check and have them reissue it in our name," Majors said.

For five years that's what Majors has been trying to do. Multiple calls to multiple government agencies got her nowhere.

“I can't get anybody to accept responsibility for writing the check so it's just funds sitting out there unclaimed," she said.

As a last resort, Majors decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

"There's got to be something you can do,” she said. “It belongs to me!"

A spokesperson for the US Dept. of Education declined to talk about the situation on the record except to promise to investigate.

That did the trick. After five long years, Majors finally has her refund.

"I finally paid off a student loan,” she said. “I didn't give up and I beat the government."

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