Utah woman sent to collections over somebody else's cell phone bill debt

Utah woman sent to collections over somebody else's cell phone bill debt (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Helen Twitchell says she has spent too much time on the phone trying to clear up a delinquent account from T-Mobile. It's an account that isn't even hers.

"We don't have a T-Mobile phone,” she said. “We don't have an account with them. Where did this come from?"

Upon getting a bill, Helen says she immediately called T-Mobile and was told it would be taken care of.

It wasn’t.

Instead, a short time later, she received a bill form a debt collection agency demanding she pay $155.48.

She disputed the bill with the collection company and thought that was the end of it.

Again, it wasn’t.

A couple months later she got a bill from another collection agency which was now demanding $928.91.

“I was almost in tears about it," Helen said.

Frustrated trying to get the bill fixed on her own and not being able to do so, she decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

A T-Mobile spokesperson agreed to investigate the matter but chose not to comment, instead telling Get Gephardt that they would communicate directly with Helen.

Helen says, sure enough, shortly thereafter they got word that the bill was being recalled from the collection agency.

She says T-Mobile also apologized.

"I was so relieved,” Helen said. “I was just like, oh my goodness, freedom, off my shoulders."

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