Welder takes customers money, doesn't deliver safety railing

Welder takes customers money, doesn't deliver safety railing (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Tommy Barlow's Farmington deck is dangerously not to code. With no guard rail, someone could fall off the two story deck.

"We're very concerned someone's going to get hurt," Barlow said.

Back in early June, Barlow hired Summit Welding, paying a $1000 deposit for an iron rail.

‘When we gave him the deposit, we had [the company’s owner] actually sign a piece of paper saying this job will be completed in three weeks," he said.

But three weeks turned into more than three months and still no railing.

Barlow says that repeated calls to the contractor aren't getting the job done.

“He seemed to have excuse after excuse," he said.

Frustrated, Barlow decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

Our investigation found that Barlow is not alone in his frustrations with Summit Welding. The company was recently cited by state regulators for contracting without a license and, just last month, the company was slapped with a $7,500 fine for taking a different customer's money but not doing the work.

Summit Welding didn't want to talk on camera, but in an email the company’s owner told us he never had "intentions on screwing anybody over."

He says he's working on getting Barlow a refund.

Utah law says that a contractor must deliver within the time frame spelled out in a contract. When the don't, the Utah division of consumer protection can step in to help.

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