18-year-old murder suspect from Colorado apprehended in Ogden

Dylan Joseph Thompson mug _ courtesy Davis County Sheriff's Office.jpg

(KUTV) Fort Collins detectives assisted the Davis County Sheriff's Office in arresting Dylan Joseph Thompson, who is suspected of murdering William "Bill" Brabusky.

Thompson has been arrested under suspicion of first-degree murder, tampering with a deceased human body, aggravated motor vehicle theft, and unauthorized use of financial transaction device.

William Grabusky's wife Joann contacted police Wednesday morning, requesting that they check on her husband, as she hadn't been able to establish contact him in weeks.

Police found Grabusky's body at his apartment. An autopsy confirmed homicide to be the cause of death, but no information has yet been released confirming how or when he died.

After finding his body, the police asked the public for help locating his missing car. It was found unoccupied in Fort Collins on Thursday.

Speaking of her husband, Joann said, "He's a very gentle man. He did not deserve this."

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