Active, former FLDS church members react to Lyle Jeffs arrest

Active, former FLDS church members react to Lyle Jeffs arrest (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) One year after the FLDS leader, bishop, Lyle Jeffs escaped federal custody and fled the state, he's behind bars and awaiting extradition in a Sioux Falls, South Dakota jail.

Following the news of this arrest, residents and members of the polygamist sect in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona, have share their mixed feelings on Jeffs' capture.

Norma Richter, an active member of the FLDS church has lived in Colorado City her whole life and feels that the government is picking on them and their leaders.

"Go chase someone that actually needs to be taken care of. Go chase the real criminals. We're not the real criminals," Richter said.

George Jessop, former member of the FLDS church, experienced the rein of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, who's now serving a life sentence for child rape.

"People need to know who these Jeffs boys are so they can break out of this mental prison." Jessop said.

When he found out Lyle Jeffs had been arrested, he felt a sense of relief.

"I was a little happy, a little elated that he got caught. Because he's made other people take the hit for his dirty deeds." Jessop said.

Richter sees this change happening and it's upsets her because she said she hasn't seen, Lyle Jeffs, who she calls "Uncle Lyle," do anything wrong.

"Why waste taxpayers money on something that isn't real?" Richter said.

For more reaction to Jeffs arrest and how some believe the community has changed for the better because of Jeffs absence watch the news stories above.

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