Another busy day for fire crews in Brian Head as 1,000 acres burn

(Photo: Mike Stillman)

UPDATE: The Utah Division of Emergency Management has determined the wildfire was caused by humans.

(KUTV) Sunday was another busy day for fire crews in southern Utah.

The wind and heat didn't help crews contain a fire burning at Brian Head, east of Cedar City.

As of 5 p.m. on Sunday, police say one home is destroyed and three others are damaged.

The fire can be seen along Interstate 15 from an hour away.

"It was quite a shock," said George Hartlmaier, who reported the fire.

Around noon June 17, fire crews say someone set the fire near a cabin in the northeastern area of Brian Head Town.

"It just looked big," Hartlmaier continued.

The fire grew quick overnight, spreading to 1,000 acres by Sunday morning.

"I got goosebumps," said 83-year-old Stephanie Hartlmaier, the mother of George. She lives above their ski shop in the small town of 50 people.

Volunteers planning for a Boy Scout troop retreat were told to leave town. They were among 750 others.

No one is hurt, police say. The fire management team doesn't anticipate any other evacuations.

The Fire Marshall for Brian Head tells 2News, the town see an average of 1,000 visitors each weekend.

Dead trees and branches combined with wind and hot temps are fueling the fire.

"We've been afraid of this for an awfully long time," said George Hartlmaier, standing in front of his family's 51-year-old ski shop.

Hundreds of response teams from as far away as Montana are in town. Several helicopters are spraying water and retardant to keep the fire from spreading.

A ski resort, just south of the fire, has help.

Employees have filled their snow machines with water to act as sprinklers if the fire reaches the land.

For more information on how to keep your home safe during wildfire season, see Utah's "Defensible Space Checklist."

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