Businesses asked to help reduce emissions during inversions

(KUTV) – A new program aims to encourage businesses to help reduce emissions on days when Utah’s dreaded inversion is at its worst.

The Salt Lake Chamber and the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) have launched a website where businesses can volunteer to implement strategies, such as carpooling or public transit incentives when the inversion is setting in.

“Periods of inversion are inevitable this time of year. And while we can’t change when they come and go, businesses and their employees have the ability to make smart choices about limiting the emissions they release,” president of the Salt Lake Chamber Lane Beattie said.

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The Salt Lake Chamber’s “Clean Air Champion” website offers companies strategies that include:

  • Trip reduction plan to reduce 10-20 percent of company driving during inversion season.
  • Alternative transportation incentives
  • Carpool assistance
  • Flextime travel and work from home

The Utah Division of Air Quality estimates that approximately half of the pollution during the inversions is the result of vehicles, according to a 2014 study. 39-percent of pollutants come from area sources including buildings and homes, and 13-percent come from industry, according to the UDAQ.

“This initiative illustrates the positive impact Utah’s business community can have as we unite to make changes in our actions and company cultures. I invite businesses and employees statewide to participate and make a difference in addressing Utah’s air quality challenges,” Beattie said.

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