Chihuahua involved in fatal West Valley City hit-and-run located

Humane Society releases state following fatal hit and run over animal abuse. (Photo: West Valley City Police)

(KUTV) The Chihuahua who was at the center of a fatal West Valley City hit-and-run this past week has been found safe, police said.

On June 7, 47-year-old Jeremy Hardman and a friends saw Aaron Hosman abuse a Chihuahua near 3600 West and 4100 South. Hardman and his friend confronted Hosman, who eventually returned to his car.

While Hardman was walking back to his vehicle, Hosman pulled a U-turn, striking and killing Hardman. Hosman fled the scene.

Hosman was arrested June 11, but police did not locate the dog in question.

In a press release sent June 15, West Valley City Police said they were "pleased to report" they had located Buddi the Chihuahua and his owner.

Police worked with West Valley Animal Services to inspect the well-being of the dog and found he is doing well.

"We appreciate the passion and compassion that drives our investigators and officers to do the very best job possible for victims, their families and even, as in Buddi's case, the smallest among us," the police department said.

Police would not release photos of Buddi, as they are part of an active investigation.

Hardman owned numerous dogs himself, all of which have found a home after his death.

His mother told 2News she wanted to adopt Buddi if he was found, but police said he has been reunited with his owner and is not up for adoption.

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