Closure of trash incinerator may help with air quality

Closure of trash incinerator may help with air quality (File Photo: MGN Online)

(AP) Environmental advocates say the upcoming closure of a northern Utah incineration facility will help improve air quality.

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment board president Brian Moench says the May 31 closure of the Davis Energy Recovery Facility will mean clearer air for nearby communities.

Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, which manages the facility, says air quality may improve but the closure could also indirectly result in higher greenhouse gas emissions because the trash burned at the Layton plant produces steam that's used for heating at nearby buildings.

Executive director Nathan Rich told The Standard-Examiner that those buildings may instead use a different power source, such as natural gas, that creates carbon emissions when burned.

The district decided to close the plant because it needed $8 million in upgrades and there's declining interest in buying the steam it produces.

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