Cop who ranted against LDS church on social media will keep job

Cop who ranted against LDS church on social media will keep job

(KUTV) A Salt Lake City police officer who wrote a controversial rant against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on social media will not be fired.

In fact the man is in line for a promotion, angering some on the force.

The officer called the church bigoted and flawed and though he took the comments off social media quickly, people took screen shots of the message. The officer's Facebook post read in part:

I find their rhetoric offensive, their policies bigoted and their Christianity flawed

It also said:

You aren't a martyr for supporting that church you're an a****** ... I spend enough of my time cleaning up the excrement of society. I refused to tolerate it from my 'friends.'

The comment was posted in the heated days after the LDS church proclaimed children of gay parents couldn't be baptized into the faith in a story KUTV broke after social websites outed the church's policy change.

In an unrelated case involving a different police officer, a suspension was handed down. The officer involved in that incident said the same standard isn't applied in all cases.

Eric Moutsos is a former Salt Lake City police officer who was suspended in 2014 because he asked not to march as part of the department's presence in Salt Lake City's Gay Pride Parade.

"It's an incredible double standard," he said.

He said he was branded a bigot and had to quit his job. He adds this officer, in contrast, despite his "hateful" post, is now in line for a promotion.

"I think he has really expressed some alarming feeling inside of him and every single citizen, especially in Salt Lake City, should be concerned," he said.

Salt Lake City police wouldn't go on camera but said the openly gay officer, who is also the department's liason with the LGBT community took down the post almost immediately. He was interviewed by superiors and referred to human resources. The department said in a released statement:

This concern was addressed seven months ago through proper internal procedure, as would any other concern brought to the attention of leadership.

Moutsos said the officer's anti-religious comments could play out in the streets.

"I think every member of the public should be concerned because this isn't about Mormons, this is about any individual who may disagree with this particular person."

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