Displaced families return home in Alpine

Displaced families return home in Alpine (Photo: Uintah, Wasatch, Cahce National Forest Service)

(KUTV) The 25 families displaced by a wildfire in Alpine returned home Sunday to find their property untouched by the flames.

Joe Ebert has seen a handful of fires in the nearly 20 years he has lived on his Alpine property.

"The fire department's done a great job all three times getting it out quickly," he said.

Ebert and his neighbors have watched the fire department battle the blaze, which displaced more than two dozen families from their homes Saturday night.

"It's a little scary to go to sleep at night and wonder what it's going to look like in the morning," he said. “The fire did get fairly close to the area, but nothing’s been damaged and the fire’s actually really quiet around those areas that’s been evacuated.”

The weather and hard work of firefighters contributed to quick containment.

"The wind changed around 3 am this morning from upslope to down valley and that kind of kicked the fire heading towards the homes a little bit,” said state wild lands spokesperson Shayne Ward.

The Red Cross helped the 25 families who were forced out of their homes last night.

"You just hate to see the mountain turn black," said Evert.

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