Doomsday cult leader pleads guilty to child sodomy and child bigamy

John Coltharp, a leader of a doomsday cult, entered a guilty plea today in 6th District Court of child sodomy and child bigamy. (Photo: San Pete County Jail)

(KUTV) -- A leader of a doomsday cult entered a guilty plea Wednesday afternoon in 6th District Court of child sodomy and child bigamy.

John Coltharp, one of two men who made up the leadership of the self-proclaimed ‘Knights of the Crystal Blade,' entered a guilty plea in exchange of kidnapping and obstruction of justice charges being dropped.

2News Reporter Ginna Roe was in the courtroom and reported Coltharp saying in his plea:

Yes, I am guilty. That is a fact.

He and Samuel Shaffer were charged with kidnapping each others children, and marrying each others’ daughters.

The children were found in Lund, Utah - west of Cedar City - last year.

Coltharp's sentencing is scheduled for 1 p.m. on August 8.

Shaffer was sentenced, May 22, for charges involving sexual abuse of a minor and will spend a minimum of 26 years in prison.

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