Efforts underway to bring Utah man home after brain tumor diagnosis in Italy

Efforts underway to bring Utah man home after brain tumor diagnosis in Italy (Photo: Seamons family)

(KUTV) – A Utah family’s dream vacation to Italy was cut short after a man was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Friends of the Seamons family of Farmington are now trying to raise funds to help fly Tyler Seamons home to Utah for treatment.

“Here they are experiencing a vacation of a lifetime, you never would imagine something like this to happen,” Tyler’s brother-in-law Mark Appelbaum told 2News.

Applebaum said Seamons was experiencing migraines for about a month before the diagnosis. The headaches were so severe, the family went to an Italian emergency room where doctors ordered scans that revealed the tumor.

A successful operation removed most of the tumor, but now the family wants to bring Tyler back to Utah for the required follow-up treatments of brain cancer.

“Our hope is that we can get him ideally a medical chartered flight,” Appelbaum said.

Seamons and his wife Rebecca had been planning the two-month trip to Italy for about a year. Seamons took his drone on the trip and captured video of the Italian landscapes in the days leading up to his diagnosis.

The family’s children have been brought back to Utah after initially staying with their parents at the Italian hospital.

“It was really hard for them to see their father with the scar and shaved head,” Appelbaum said.

Friends set up a fundraising web site to help the family pay for the expensive flight back to Utah and follow-up treatment. You can see the site HERE:

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