Seven Peaks evacuated, child taken to hospital

Breaking: Emergency crews respond to chemicals at Provo's Seven Peaks (Photo: Daniel Woodruff / KUTV)

(KUTV) After a chlorine leak at Seven Peaks water park in Provo, the park was evacuated and one child was taken to the hospital.

Provo Fire and Rescue Capt. Dean York said in addition to the child, 11 people reported experiencing symptoms including difficulty breathing. It is unclear how many of those people went to the hospital on their own. (Officials had earlier reported all 12 people went to the hospital.)

The leak was discovered just after 5 p.m Friday. The entire park was evacuated.

The child who was taken to the hospital was 11 or 12 years old, York said, and in stable condition.

Officials said the incident happened because a chlorine sensor was faulty and pumped extra chemicals into the lazy river.

The park will open as usual Saturday but the lazy river will remain closed for a few days.

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