LDS rock star wants to be voice of change from inside Mormon church

LDS rock star wants to be voice of change from inside Mormon church (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) The frontman of massively popular world-wide band Imagine Dragons is straight, married, Mormon, served a two-year Mormon mission, is a father of three and is ready to be the voice of change for his religion from the inside.

Dan Reynolds wants to stop the tide of teen suicide. He is a key subject of the documentary, "Believer" directed by Don Argott, that is an attempt to give the voice to the voiceless and put a face to the faceless.

"The only way people are ever going to understand what is at stake is to hear people's real stories," Argott said in an interview with KUTV, sitting aside Reynolds.

The film is ending its run as part of the Sundance Film Festival this weekend and is destined to air on HBO. Part of the documentary takes place inside the Encircle: LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center in Provo, Utah, that opened a new location in Salt Lake City Friday.

"You would sit down with the kids and the heartbreak and conflict was just devastating," Reynolds said. "I wished every single Mormon could have walked through that house and talked to those kids."

KUTV film critic Ryan Painter previously reviewed the film. Watch the video above to see the full report from Heidi Hatch.

Larry D. Curtis contributed to this report.

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