Harvey hits close to home for some here in Utah

Hurricane Harvey Graphic.png (Photo:KUTV)

(KUTV) Elizabeth Nutting is just days away from having her first baby, and she and her husband are taking no chances on making it to the hospital, even if Hurricane Harvey---or what's left of it---washes into their Houston neighborhood.

"Given the high likelihood of flooding, we'll get a hotel room down by the hospital, just in case we're not able to get around the city, and it's time to go," Elizabeth, who has two aunts living in Utah, said.

Friday, the Nuttings were headed to the Wyndam to wait out the threat of high water. Twenty inches of rain, or more, could fall in the Houston area. Elizabeth said much less rain has still touched off flooding.

"The grocery stores are full of people buying water, and buying food, and getting ready to hunker down," she said.

Elizabeth does not know if child #1 is a boy or girl; but either way, Harvey is not the couple's preferred name.

Adam King, who lives in the Salt Lake Valley, messaged his aunt Karen, who lives south of Austin, where other family members, including grand kids are at her home.

The Texas capital is a couple hundred miles from the Gulf coast, but it still could be drenched with rain.

"How worried are you about them?" 2News asked.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I put it at an eight," King said.

His aunt said her house is on high ground, but a nearby creek has flooded before, and heavy rain could close bridges in her community.

"I'd be more comfortable if she would just leave the area," he said.

She expected power could go out, but may be less concerned than her Utah nephew about riding out the storm.

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