Highway patrol cruiser crushed after wind gust blows over semi-trailer

(KUTV) – Three Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers and two passengers in a semi-truck escaped injury after a gust of wind blew the truck onto its side, crushing a patrol car.

The incident happened Feb. 7 near Elk Mountain, Wyoming, on Interstate 80.

According to WHP, the troopers had stopped to assist at the scene of a previous crash. As they were stopped with their lights activated, an approaching semi-truck was hit by a large gust of wind which sent the trailer toppling over onto the trooper’s vehicle.

WHP released video of the incident on their Facebook page Friday with a warning asking semi-truck driver’s to follow high-wind advisories and closures. The WHP said even at slow speeds, the gusty wind can blow over a semi-truck.

Troopers did not say is the driver of the truck was travelling in a wind-warning restricted area, or if the driver will face any citations or charges.

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