Homes and main highway in Parowan hit by Burn Scar flash flood

Homes and main highway in Parowan hit by Burn Scar flash flood (Photo:DJ Bolerjack)

(KUTV) Utah Department of Transportation and Parowan Police are scanning the city and repairing roads after a large wall of water came flowing through town Sunday evening.

The debris and ash filled water destroyed a segment of road on SR-143 and left debris everywhere after the flash flood hit.

UDOT District Engineer Clayton Wilson says it will take some time to repair the damage.

"Most of it is off to the sides and it's repairable," Clayton said.

"Quickly we need to get some good road material in there and then to strengthen it up for the long term we need to armor it with riprap, wire baskets we can put in there and fill with rock."

While these repairs are being made, SR-143 has been closed down to all traffic. UDOT officials hope they can open it up to one lane by Tuesday as they continue to clean up and repair the damage.

Parowan Police report a number homes also sustained damage in the flood. One on the west side of town was hit the hardest, the basement filled with nearly 5 feet of water and mud.

Chief of Police, Ken Carpenter told 2News the flood Sunday could be just the beginning.

"The National Weather Service has told us we should expect flash flooding for the next three to five years and this is going to have to be something we deal with." Carpenter said.

To hear what residents have to say about the possibility of increasing floods around the Brian Head Fire scar watch the news story above.

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