Hundreds still displaced as fire rages in Brian Head

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(KUTV) A wildfire burning in Brian Head, Utah, has burned more than 1,000 acres and continues to crawl upslope.

On Saturday, hundreds of homeowners and visitors were evacuated from the area just after noon.

George Hartlmaier and his parents were the first family to buy property on Brian head. His 83-year-old mother, Stephanie, refused to lead despite mandatory evacuations.

"All my life is here," she said.

George spotted and reported the fire.

"I got goosebumps," Stephanie explained.

The Hartlmaier family, who owns the ski shop in town for 51 years, watched this massive wildfire swallow the mountain from their front door.

"When I first noticed it was pretty spooky," George said. "We've been afraid of this for an awfully long time."

Fire crews told Stephanie she could stay as long as the fire stayed on the other side of Highway 143.

"I didn't follow the rules," she said, then laughed. "The house would have gone up with me in it."

Luckily, the fire continues blowing the opposite direction.

George says this fire brought their family together. And, is happy to know none of his neighbors are hurt.

He concluded: "Brian Head is home."

For more information on how to keep your home safe during wildfire season, see Utah's "Defensible Space Checklist."

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