Huntsman faculty, family shocked by firing of Cancer Institute's CEO

Huntsmans shocked by firing of CEO of cancer institute that bears family name (Photo: Courtesy Salt Lake Tribune)

(KUTV) Dr. Mary Beckerle, Chief Executive Officer of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, has been fired.

Reportedly, there is tension at the hospital over the shake up.

Angry faculty and staff shouted at senior administrators were caught on video from 2News media-sharing partner The Salt Lake Tribune. They said they were angry and shocked to see the top cancer researcher ousted. Beckerle headed the institute for 11 years.

Vivian Lee, dean of the Huntsman School of Medicine, sent an email stating that Beckerle was leaving. Angry staffers invoked the Huntsman name to administrators.

On the phone from Houston, Peter Huntsman said he was "totally shocked" by news of the firing and said said such actions are usually over money. He also said the Huntsman family stands with Beckerle.

University of Utah president David Pershing was supposed to be in Houston Tuesday to negotiate a new deal with the Huntsman family, but cancelled. Peter Huntsman said he thinks it was because of the firing.

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