Investigators release names of the family found dead in Mapleton

Investigators release names of the family found dead in Mapleton (Photo:KUTV)

(KUTV)- Investigators have released the names of the family of four who were all found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in the small Utah County town of Mapleton.

According to police, Timothy Griffith, 45-years-old, his wife Jessica Griffith, 42-years-old, Jessica's biological daughter, Samantha Badel, 16-years-old, and the couples 5-year-old son Alexendre Griffith were all found dead inside the family home at 1502 N. Highway 89 after a concerned neighbor alerted police.

"He hadn't seen any activity at the home for a few days. The cars hadn't moved for a few days and there were no lights on," Chief John Jackson with the Mapleton Police Department said. "It appears that all of them had been deceased from a gun shot wound. There are firearms in the house."

The family had moved into the home in July from Switzerland when Timothy was transferred by Nestle to work at Stouffers in Springville, Utah.

According to one close family friend who spoke to 2News, the move into the new home for the family "was a dream come true."

When the family moved in, "they hugged and they kissed and the little boy jumped up and down." She says that's why the deaths are so shocking. "They were so affectionate...nothing makes sense."

Next doors neighbors also expressed some of the same feelings.

"I just can't imagine what happened, when I talked to him there was no depression there was no anything. It's just amazing just comprehend what happened," neighbor Doug Allin said. "It seems like everyone was getting along really good."

"They were super nice, he was very proud of his family," neighbor Shari Valeti said.

The daughter was a sophomore at Maple Mountain High School where grief counselors have been on hand all day for students having a difficult time.

Chief Jackson says the bodies are currently at the Medical Examiners Office and once the examinations are complete they are hoping to be able to shed more light on what happened inside the home.

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