Man arrested after exposing himself on TRAX platform

Lewdness on Trax platform. (Photo: courtesy of Salt Lake County Jail)

(KUTV) A 49-year-old man was arrested Sept. 1 after masturbating in front of two teenagers on a Trax platform.

According to court documents, two teenage girls were on the TRAX train when the suspect, Vu Vanlinh Huynh flashed his genitals.

One of the girls yelled and reported the incident to the UTA operator.

Huynh was identified by police on UTA surveillance video exposing his penis and masturbating on the platform.

Video surveillance also shows Huynh standing in a well-lit area where unzipped the front of his pants. He then exposed himself and began to masturbate as a visibly surprised young man walked away.

Huynh's pants were still unzipped when he was stopped by police.

The suspect has been previously convicted of two or more crimes of lewdness in the Salt Lake City Justice Court.

Huynh is currently in jail. The state has requested that the Court issue a warrant of arrest.

He is being charged with lewdness.

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