Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City offers legal assistance to those facing deportation

(KUTV) — The Mexican Consulate of Utah is offering legal counsel for documented and undocumented immigrants.

It’s one of several dozen resources the Mexican government set up in the United States after President Donald Trump promise to strengthen our nation’s borders and crack down on illegal immigration.

Community activist David Morales gathered to offer his support to legal and illegal immigrants who are looking for advice.

"A lot of people think immigrants don't have rights. We do," Morales said.

Morales spoke out in support of these rights. Trump’s executive order means immigrants with any sort of criminal history can be deported.

“So that means people with jaywalking citations, traffic tickets,” Morales said. "Even if you were not charged with a crime. Even if the judge found you innocent, even if someone dismissed charges against you, just because you were charged with anything on the record, you're subject to be deported."

Morales said he wants to see a reverse order on Trump’s executive order.

"We want all Americans to succeed — but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos,” he said. "It is not compassionate, but reckless, to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur."

The Mexican government set up 50 locations to offer legal help not only to Mexicans, but to any immigrant in the U.S.

"Unfortunately, Trump's image of what immigration reform is, is nothing compared to what we have hoped for."

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