Mom mourns loss of 6-month-old 'miracle baby' at Ogden Lantern House shelter

Mom mourns loss of 'miracle baby' at Ogden Lantern House shelter (Photo: Cranessa Young)

(KUTV) The mother who lost her 6-month-old baby while staying at Ogden's Lantern House shelter Friday morning, said her daughter was her everything and was the reason she was working hard to get her life on track.

Cranessa Young, 25, suffered the loss of her baby Kya Friday, when emergency crews responded to a call of infant cardiac arrest. The infant girl was immediately treated by staff and doctors at the shelter, and then by EMTs responding to the 911 call, but she was pronounced dead at McKay Dee Hospital. Preliminary reports found no signs of abuse or neglect.

"They worked on her for about 20 minutes," Young said. "That is what it seemed like to me."

That including three adrenaline shots, according to Young. When the paramedics stopped, Young wanted to keep trying. She was so distraught they didn't let her ride to the hospital in the ambulance.

"I was in shock," Young said. "She was my miracle baby. People would ask me if I was carrying a doll around. She had a doll face -- she was literally the most perfect baby -- and just stopped strangers in their tracks.

Young shared her shelter room with another mother, both with babies who had been talking baby talk back and forth on Friday morning. Young gave Kya a bottle, as was typical, and then both went back to sleep. Her roommate got up to take a shower and Young checked on Kya, not wanting to wake her little girl up.

"She wasn't breathing. I started rubbing her chest but she wouldn't move or anything. I noticed her chest -- she wasn't breathing."

After failing to stimulate the baby, she yelled for help. The janitor in the hall yelled to the shelter's front desk. Her case worker and the doctors in a clinic upstairs came to help before emergency crews responded. All tried to help Kya.

Young, 25, said she had four previous miscarriages, one with twins, and she said she was working hard to get her life on track -- all for little Kya. Young will remain at the Lantern House shelter, but Kya was her motivator to improve her situation.

"I had her and my goal in life was to take care of her. I was doing everything I had to do to make sure my baby was taken care of. I have only been doing good since I had to take care of her," she said.

She said she had a job lined up and was working on getting housing and had just acquired a social security number and her own birth certificate to get better established. But now?

"I don't know what to do," she said.

One thing she must do, is tackle her baby's funeral expenses and planning as a homeless, single parent and focus on staying sober. She said she has been clean for a year and four months, but it will be a challenge without her biggest motive -- baby Kya.

"My whole life I have depended on everyone else. But I don't want to do that anymore. I want to survive this."

After her child's death, Young was given a cast of Kya's foot and hand, something tangible to keep of her little baby. She is also left second guessing the events of Friday morning.

"There are so many "what ifs" going through my head. Like, if I had woken up a minute earlier. She [Kya] wasn't cold, she wasn't blue, she didn't have spots," Young said.

Nelson Funeral Home in Logan, Utah has offered its services for free, for Kya, but a casket and burial spot still need to be figured out.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for her funeral expenses. To contribute you can visit

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