Mom: Provo school overlooked fractured wrist

Mom: Provo school overlooked fractured wrist (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A Provo mom is upset with Amelia Earhart Elementary school staff after her first grader fractured his wrist during recess and nobody called her.

Provo City School District spokesperson Caleb Price said Cahle Kinsey fell from the top of a slide during morning recess. He went to the medical clerk's office to get checked out and they thought he was OK. They gave him ice and sent him back to class.

"As the health clerk examined the student's wrist, there was no swelling, there was no redness. The student was able to move his wrist. He wasn't in extreme pain. At no point did he ask to call home," Price said. "They can ask to call home. We'll never say no to calling home."

Caleb returned to the office several times throughout the school day.

"It should be standard to call a parent. Just to err on the side of caution," said the boy's mom, Sasha Kinsey. "For no adult to have thought to call his parents is absurd. Quite literally absurd."

Cahle Kinsey is a typically rambunctious 7-year-old. So it didn't surprise his mom when he took that spill. What did surprise her was how she found out.

"I don't understand how anyone, their first thought wouldn't be he needs to see a doctor," said Kinsey. "I don't want to blame anyone for the way that it happened. I'm upset about the aftermath of what didn't happen."

The Provo City School District has trained medical clerks at all 18 of its schools. They also staff registered nurses who rotate around the district.

"We want to make sure our students can have the care that they need. Our health clerks are very well trained, and they can't do anything without being trained by the registered nurse," Price said.

Cahle's parents met with the principal the next day to figure out what happened. They scheduled a follow up meeting to give the principal time to talk with the medic and teacher, but had to reschedule.

They have not had a second meeting at the time this story aired.

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