New St. George park to offer disabled full access

New St. George park to offer disabled full access

(KUTV) A new park is popping up in St. George, but it’s not an ordinary park; it allows kids and adults with disabilities to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits that a standard play area doesn’t provide.

It’s the St. George All Abilities Park and Playground and city officials say it will have everything a playground has, but with a few additions to make life a bit easier for those with disabilities.

“The all abilities park is one of the most important, I think, and one of the most exciting projects we have undertaken here in St. George,” said St. George City Leisure Services Director, Kent Perkins. Sitting on nearly four acres of land, it’s built to entertain.

“There will be a lot of pieces that you’ve probably never seen on a playground before,” said Perkins.

They plan to install a 2,700 foot railroad with a train that travels around the park, which also includes handicapped accessible cars.

“We have a waterfall and the train goes under the water fall and the waterfall accommodates in a water play experience.”

Perkins said there will also be a music garden, bridges and even a volcano built to shade people on those sunny days.

“All those are geared and designed specifically so they can be accessed by people with disabilities,” said Perkins. “The idea is that anybody and everybody would be welcome here and the site would be totally accessible.”

Perkins said this park may be the largest and most unique in the state of Utah and something the St. George community has never seen before. Perkins said they’re waiting for the donations to pile up to determine a completion date but so far they’re reached a little over $200,000, the goal is $500,000.

“Many other clubs and organizations have donated money…and we’ve had a lot of individuals.” said Perkins.

They’re looking to the community for funds, through the Leisure Services website.

“Any and everyone who wants to contribute at any level should feel as though they’re helping build the facility.

Perkins said he hopes the park has a social, physical and emotional impact on those who use it.

"We want everyone who comes here to feel that this is their facility, they have a chance to come and have a good time and that nobody is excluded."

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