New technology used worldwide to help catch online predators

New technology used worldwide to help catch online predators (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Investigators are now using a new technology called Project VIC to help catch online predators.

Utah was one of the first states to use the database that allows Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces across the country to share information.

When a computer is seized, thousands of images are found on it. The database categorizes which images may have victims that have been identified before, allowing investigators to focus on new victims and therefore not waste any time.

It also includes software allowing authorities to zoom in on and enhance photos, even fingerprints, picking up details that the naked eye might not necessarily see.

The system was recently used to track down a suspect seen in a video circulating on social media. It was spread widely on Facebook despite pleas from police departments across the country not to share it, as doing so also constitutes a distribution of child pornography.

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