Officials say Utah drivers lie about medical conditions

Officials say Utah drivers lie about medical conditions (File photo: KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — State officials say many Utah residents lie about their medical conditions so they can keep driving without restrictions.

The Salt Lake Tribune, a media-sharing partner with 2News, reports the state relies on people to report medical conditions themselves, which creates a scenario where lying is a plausible way to stay behind the wheel.

Officials say every month they catch about 15-20 people lying about their medical conditions. Clark Caras, director of the Utah Driver License Division, addressed legislators on Tuesday about the problem.

Caras said drivers who lie about medical conditions could be criminally charged for filling out a false form, but that rarely happens. He says a more serious threat to violators is in potential civil lawsuits over any damage or injuries in a car accident.


Information from The Salt Lake Tribune.

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