Man accused of recording woman in bath during job interview

Michael Peterson (Photo: Utah County Jail)

OREM, Utah (KUTV) A bizarre job interview has landed an Orem man behind bars.

Michael Peterson, 58, was booked into the Utah County Jail Friday on multiple possible charges including voyeurism and destroying or altering evidence.

According to Orem Police Cpl. Brian Luangsawasdi, Peterson arranged to interview a woman who wanted a job demonstrating products for Nature's Fusions Essential Oils. Friday, the woman went to Peterson's home on Orem's east side because his office was being renovated, police said.

It was there the interview took a sudden, unusual turn.

Luangsawasdi said Peterson told the woman, "I'm going to draw you a bath and you're going to test these products out."

Police said the woman went into a separate room and got into the tub. Soon, she noticed something jarring.

"She stated that she observed some kind of recording device coming up underneath the door," Luangsawasdi said.

Police said the woman waited until it disappeared. Then she got up and got out of the house. She was not physically hurt, Luangsawasdi said.

After she left, the woman contacted Orem police who sent a detective to Peterson's home. He was arrested and taken to jail the same day.

Luangsawasdi said Peterson admitted to recording other people in the bath in the past, although he would not characterize Peterson as a "predator." He said detectives need more evidence before they use that label, but they're still investigating.

"There is a good chance that there are some other victims," Luangsawasdi said.

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