Pay it Forward: Eliza's Hearts for Haiti

Eliza Stewart sells bags filled with cookies and chocolates to raise money for Healing Hands for Haiti (Photo provided by Eliza Stewart)

(KUTV) Eliza Stewart has a special tradition every year.

She has been making and selling Valentine bags with cookies and chocolates since she was six years old.

"I am 13 years old, so I have been doing it for seven years," she said.

Stewart started making and selling the bags in 2010, right after a terrible earthquake in Haiti.

So she decided to donate some of her money to the organization, Healing Hands for Haiti. The group, led by Dr. Jeff Randle, has been around since 1998.

Healing Hands for Haiti provides prosthetic limbs, physical therapy, wheelchairs and crutches to anyone who can't walk or move.

Stewart has turned the donation into a yearly occurrence, and donates 100% of her profits.

This year, she recruited her classmates at Orion Junior High in Harrisville to help out.

"We're hoping to make around seven or eight thousand to give to Healing Hands for Haiti," said Stewart.

Stewart's past donations have helped build clinics and make prosthetics for people in Haiti.

"I was just absolutely moved almost to tears that a little girl would take this on herself," said Dr. Jeff Randle, who founded Healing Hands for Haiti.

"It really got me excited just to know that I was helping someone else," Stewart said of her fundraiser.

Eventually, she hopes to turn her fundraiser into a yearlong event.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Stewart to help out the school's fundraiser.

You can order Valentine bags from students at Orion Junior High through February 2nd. Each bag of treats is $3. The cookies and chocolates have been donated by Smith's.

If you would like to donate or order bags, visit Eliza Stewart's website, Eliza's Hearts for Haiti. There will also be contact information to ask about bag delivery and pickup.

For more information about Healing Hands for Haiti, visit its website.

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