Riggatti's pizzeria on the rise with locations in St. George, Springville

(KUTV) A restaurant that serves some of America's favorite comfort food is on the rise in St. George.

A locally-owned pizzeria, Riggatti's, has all the bells and whistles now, but it didn't when the man started cooking his creations seven years ago.

Many business owners struggle at first, but this owner got started on the bed of A 1940s Ford pickup truck. When owner, Fred Murray got the bed he spiced it up a little to make it his own.

“Our pizzas when we started were not very good," Murray said, laughing as he swung dough in the air. “But we’ve had quite a few years’ experience now to where we’ve developed it and we try to pattern the pizza after the Neapolitan style from Naples Italy.”

Riggatti's Pizza is a spot that makes their own everything -- from sauces to spices to the dough that rises. Murray says it's a crowd favorite when they toss the dough in the air. Murray says It's entertainment for the public and a unique way if making the pie.
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Right now things are looking good and tasting even better for this growing hot spot, which has two locations now, one in Springville and the second in St. George. But it hasn’t always been this smooth ride to success.
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“It actually started with the purchase of a 1940s ford truck bed, we refurbished it, we lined it, painted it cherry red, put a big oven on it,” Murray said.

It helped get the job done, Murray says, but up was the only direction he wanted to go and a chance was needed.

"The owners of Reams grocery store approached me and said, What do you think about putting one of your ovens in here and just running the pizzeria out of our store?” Murray said.

Now after years of work, here in St. George, Murray and his team of dough-slingers are making mouths water with their fresh pizza pie.

“I derive a lot of happiness from it, a lot of that happiness derives from the gratitude I feel towards those around me,” Murray said.

Murray also had some advice for people out there wanting to start their own business: Just take a leap of faith.

"You have to be okay with the possibility of losing everything you have," he said, adding that he hopes a third location will be opening up in the near future.


Website: Riggatti's Wood-Fired Pizza

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