Ron on the Run: Salt Lake Scooter Company

Ron on the Run: Salt Lake Scooter Company

(KUTV) Rising temperatures and rising gas prices! It’s time to pull out the scooter.

“I think everyone should have a scooter -- honestly,” said Jordan Richards, the owner of Salt Lake Scooters.

He has seen sales of motorized scooters pick up speed this year, but not like it was back in 2009.

“Gas prices most people remember were 5, 6 bucks so people were buying scooters like crazy,” he explains. Then the economy crashed and Richards says several scooter dealers folded.

Richards opened his store when the others were going out of business. “I compare scooters to kind of like soccer in the United States; it's big everywhere else.”

He sells new and used scooters. You can buy a new one for $2-4,000 dollars. A new trend is to pimp out scooters to make them faster and hipper!

“You can make scooters loud and sound like Harley Davidsons if you want to.”

This spring his repair shop looks like a scooter graveyard as he and his mechanic work to bring each one back to life. Richard showed us some classics dating back to the 1950’s. “Older Mopeds like this. An old German engineered Sachs Moped like from the 60s or 70s.”

Richards said Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron ride a pink Buddy scooter (a brand he sells) in a scene in the upcoming Baywatch movie. That inspired Ron Bird to recreate part of that scene in his Ron On The Run report.

You can find Salt Lake Scooter Company at 1207 S. Major St. in Salt Lake.

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