Salt Lake City has the worst air quality in the nation

(KUTV) Everyone loves to be first in national rankings, except when it comes to being the worst at something.

On Tuesday, Salt Lake City ranked number one in the nation for the worst air quality levels in the nation, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's air quality monitoring website,

The capital city beat out Franklin and Twin Falls, Idaho as well as the Southern California cities of Baskersfield and Fresno.

The unhealthy air plagued the Salt Lake Valley as well as Davis and Utah County on Tuesday.

Around 2 p.m. the level for PM2.5 reached 59.5, before dropping slightly down to 40.9 (just outside of the unhealthy air range) by 4 p.m.

Tomorrow, the air is forecast to be just as bad. Salt Lake City is forecast to be the worst in the nation, followed by Franklin, Idaho; Bakersfield, California; Fresno, California; and Napa, California.

Mandatory Action Day is forecast on Feb. 1 for the following counties in Utah:

  • Salt Lake
  • Davis
  • Utah
  • Weber
  • Box Elder
  • Tooele

Mandatory action requires: solid fuel burning devices must not be used, including wood and coal burning stove and fireplaces. Open burning may not occur; including fire pits, fire rings, and campfires. Utahns should also carpool or consolidate trips when possible. Industry should optimize operations to minimize air pollution emissions, according to UDEQ.

Find out how to protect your lungs during bad air days.

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