SLC man facing more than a dozen felonies after alleged crime spree

SLC man facing more than a dozen felonies after alleged crime spree (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

(KUTV) - A Salt Lake City man will be spending a lot of his time in a courtroom in the next few months after going on an alleged crime spree. 39-year-old Harley Gregory Welsh is facing more than a dozen felony charges. Eight of the cases have were filed against Welsh in a 10-day period at the end of December.

November 17th, according to court documents, Welsh stole his sister's Chevy Malibu and that same day he took the stolen car drove to a parking garage off Rio Grande painted over a security camera, broke into another car and stole items out of it.

November 28th court paperwork said Welsh was caught on surveillance painting over a BLM camera and is believed to leave his sisters Malibu behind and steal a Honda from a University of Utah parking lot.

In the beginning of December, he apparently cut out a catalytic converter from a car.

December 12th, back in his sister's stolen car officers tried to apprehend him when he apparently tried to ram their cruisers and led them on a chase.

He eventually got away. Officers spoke of Welsh on the scene, “Lt. Brian Lohrke is with Unified Police "Somebody that is willing to ram police cars to evade arrest we consider very dangerous so that fact alone we put him high on our priority list to catch."

December 15th, Court paperwork said Welsh stole yet another vehicle a Ford Expedition. An officer saw the stolen vehicle in a parking garage and a man later identified as Welsh standing next to it. The officer told the man to put his hands up. Welsh smiled, placed his hands in the air and entered the Expedition. Welsh maneuvered the Expedition and attempted to drive past the officer but when he wouldn’t fit he backed up and got out of the vehicle and ran. He then apparently went on to steal a running vehicle from Maverick, This all according to court documents.

December 17th, Welsh attempted to run from police again, he was spotted in South Salt Lake and led police on a chase to Millcreek where he got out of his car and ran. But this time was taken into custody.

Welsh is scheduled for a court appearance on January 19th.

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