Son of Lyle Jeffs: Fugitive father found because he was desperate, alone

Fugitive father found because he was desperate, alone (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Thomas Jeffs, the eldest of fugitive Lyle Jeffs’ 63 children, said his father was finally arrested by police because he was homeless and alone.

“He had nobody. He had nothing,” he said.

Polygamist Lyle Jeffs, who was one run from the FBI for a year after he was arrested in a big food stamp fraud case, was finally caught in South Dakota after he tried to pawn a pair of pliers.

“He became a desperate man,” said Thomas who fled the polygamous Utah community and his father’s iron fist back in 2013.

Jeffs said he has tried to help the FBI find his father over the last year.

Thomas thinks his father escaped his monitoring bracelet at the order of his older brother Warren Jeffs, who is imprisoned in Texas but still manages to run the polygamous community from behind bars.

Thomas believes somewhere along the way of his escape, his father did not follow Warren’s orders to a tee – likely because he was afraid of being caught and never seeing his family again.

“That’s when Warren said I have no use for you anymore,” said Thomas.

At that point, he believes Warren Jeffs pulled all financial support from his father and made him persona non grata on the polygamous compounds - even the one in South Dakota a few hundred miles from where Lyle Jeffs was arrested.

Desperate and likely living in his truck, he went to a pawn shop hoping to sell a small item. That’s when the pawn shop owner looked him up on the internet and called police.

“I feel my dad is one of his many victims,” said Thomas referring to Warren Jeffs.

Thomas said he feels his father should serve some time and think about his own actions and the damage that he and his brother Warren have done to people in their polygamous community where everything thing they do, eat, or think is controlled.

He hopes Lyle shares his knowledge with the FBI so they can do away with Warren Jeff’s hold on the community for one and for all.

“Warren has hurt more people since he’s been in prison than he ever did when he was out,” he said.

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