Teenage runaways will stay in Utah for now

Teenage runaways will stay in Utah for now

(KUTV) Another chapter closed in the custody battle over teenage runaways, Sydney and Danielle Wolferts.

Sunday, a judge ordered the girls to stay in Utah during the legal proceedings.

"I think the decision to keep the girls in the state's custody was the best decision that could have been made under the circumstances. I am very relieved they aren't being sent right back to Kansas," said the girl's older sister, Brittany Wolferts.

They will stay at Slate Canyon Youth Prison in Provo where they have access to education and therapy.

"I don't think that them being in a youth state prison is the best place for them to be, I know they will be looking next at where they should be placed," said the girls' older sister, Brittany Wolferts.

"I'm glad they've had the opportunity to talk with professionals and social workers and other people who have been trained who know how to handle the situation," said their father, Brian Wolferts.

The state awarded Brian Wolferts full custody of the girls years ago. He later moved them to Kansas. Nineteen months ago, the teens ran away while on vacation to visit their mom in Orem and went into hiding.

Last week, { } authorities found the girls in a Pleasant Grove apartment with their mother, Michelle Wolferts. Michelle was arrested on misdemeanor charges related to custodial interference.

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The girls have been in state custody since. They were not talking with their family.

"It's been 20 months since I've seen or heard from my daughters. But I think it's safe to say it'll be another week or two before another final decision is made," said Brian Wolferts.

Both parties said they are hopeful the court will make the right decision for Sydney and Dani's wellbeing.

"The courts are weighing all the factors, and heavily weighing the girls' wishes in their efforts to decide what is best for them," Brian Wolferts wrote online. "I believe the courts will be thorough and will weigh everything before making a decision."

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