The dangers of decoy apps

(KUTV) There is a hidden truth behind some apps that may be on your child's cell phone.
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They're called decoy apps they allow your children to hide photos, videos, and even text messages on a phone.

Their only purpose is to hide or disguise information that someone wants to keep secret on their phone or tablet.

"They've created them as games or something that you would overlook, like it's the battery monitor for the phone or something else you would expect to see on a normal device," Internet security expert Chris Ensey said.

There are dozens of decoy apps out there and they take the form of nondescript apps like a calculator, but internet security experts say these apps can offer children a false sense of security.

"Most of these apps can gain intimate knowledge of everything you do because of the fact that you've given them special permission and access to everything on your device," Ensey explained.

The easiest way to keep these apps from being downloaded according to experts is to utilize the restriction controls on your child's smartphone or tablet.
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Experts say it's important to know what your child's device offers in terms of hiding apps and content.

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