University Of Utah students launch goggle company

(KUTV) In the winter, the mountains are a popular place to be, especially here in Utah. Two University of Utah students have launched a company that will help skiers and snowboarders see better while out on the slopes.

Schaeffer Warnock and Jake Nelson started a goggle company, called Aura Optics. Warnock and Nelson grew up skiing the Wasatch Mountain and felt there was something missing in the goggle market.{ }

"We just kind of noticed there was a big hole in having goggles that were customizable," said{ } Aura Optics Co-Founder Jake Nelson.

Warnock and Nelson knew they needed some money to make their goggles, so they launched a Kickstarter Campaign. They raised $8,000, their goal, in just one day.

In 30 days, they'd raised $27,000. Warnock says Aura Optics goggles marry performance and style. A wider lens allows you to see more of the mountain and a special anti-fog treatment, coupled with the design, prevents the goggles from fogging up.

The goggles come with a stylish twist, both the lenses and straps are interchangeable.{ } The goggles retail for $120.{ } An additional lens costs $30, additional straps are $20.

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