Utah dad says baby taken from him for adoption against his will

Utah dad says baby taken from him for adoption against his will

(KUTV) A new dad, just 20-years-old, said his baby daughter is being taken from him -- against his will -- in a Utah adoption case.

"I was the hardest thing I could do," said a tearful Colby Nielsen, describing the moments this week when he handed over his two week old child, Kaylee, to prospective adoptive parents. "I couldn't even get her out of the car seat."

Nielsen, along with his family -- mother, father, and sister -- said they did not want to do it, but were forced to, after the 19-year old mother began the adoption process with little or no notice to him.

The unnamed mother, was Nielsen's girlfriend.

"Are you capable of taking care of the baby girl?" 2News asked Nielsen.

"Yes, I'd do anything I could for her," he replied, saying he's going to school and has already received firefighter training.

The family has hired an attorney, Wes Hutchins, who was once the president of the Utah Adoption Council.

"They took this man's daughter without his knowledge or consent," said Hutchins. "That is by definition, stealing."

Hutchins said the adoption might not be prohibited "statutorily," but he insisted it was unconstitutional. "We are going to aggressively pursue his rights, and we are going to do so on an expedited basis."

Hutchins said there was an "excellent" chance Kaylee would be returned, and he called on the prospective adoptive parents to do it.

The attorney also suspected parents of the young mother influenced her decision to place Kaylee for adoption.

But the full story may take time to emerge. We do not have an explanation from the prospective adoptive parents names; it's uncertain which adoption agency is involved, and the adoption itself may be in accord with Utah law.

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