Utah Deputy injured while stopping the Riverton shooting suspect talks about the pursuit

Utah Deputy injured while stopping the Riverton shooting suspect talks about the pursuit (Police photo)

(KUTV)- The Riverton shooting suspect, 33-year-old Justin Gary Llewelyn, has been released from the hospital and is in jail Thursday evening.

The deputy who was injured after performing the pit maneuver to take him down spoke about what happened to 2News. “It feels good that I was able to get him stopped,” Deputy Justin Mortensen, wit the Utah County Sheriff's Office, said.

After several days of being on the run Llewelyn is now behind bars. “This is probably one of the bigger events I've handled in 20 years,” Mortensen said.

Llewelyn was arrested on suspicion of felony charges including aggravated murder, robbery and burglary.

Deputy Mortensen said he was in the right place at the right time when he stopped Llewelyn Wednesday during a chase from Provo to Spanish Fork, “My entire thought process was get this guy stopped in any way I can.”

He said he had the perfect opportunity at an intersection to hit his vehicle. Aware of what Llewelyn was accused of, he said he knew what he had to do, “I had known what he had already done and what he was willing to do shooting a civilian and shooting at other police officers.”

Mortensen said it was a split-second decision to slam Llewelyn's truck, “I heard the impact, felt the impact, the airbags go off. Deputy Mortenson was injured in the crash, “I've got scrapes all over both arms wrapped up wrist, you can see where the air bags got me.”

But looking back he said he "wouldn't have done it anything different, had this happened today I would have rammed him just like I did yesterday,” he said.

Llewelyn is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail on no bail.

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