Utah firefighter arrested for stealing drugs from ambulances

Brenden Ivie MUG.jpg

(KUTV) A Salt Lake County firefighter was arrested for stealing narcotics from a Pleasant Grove fire station over the weekend.

Just a few years ago, 21-year-old Brenden Ivie, was a star intern at the Pleasant Grove Fire Station. After the internship, he became a part time firefighter/EMS at Unified Fire Authority.

Pleasant Grove fire station started noticing narcotics missing from ambulances in June. They claim drugs were stolen three more times.

In hopes of catching the thief, they set up a "sting" on Saturday.

"At the time the individual was taken into custody, we observed there was an IV catheter port attached to his arm, in his vein," Lt. Britt Smith with Pleasant Grove Police said.

Authorities found Ivie who had broken into the firehouse through a window.

"It is sad, to see a person that has so much potential and such a love for the service find himself in this situation," Pleasant Grove Fire Chief Dave Thomas said.

Pleasant Grove Fire Department and Unified Fire Authority have beefed up security with top of the line monitors and electronic systems to prevent something like this happening again.

Ivie is no longer working for U-F-A and is now facing multiple felony and drug charges.

Lisa Nico has more on the story.

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