Utahn beats cancer, wins Amazing Race, now attempting to break epic record

(KUTV) He beat cancer, he won The Amazing Race, now Salt Lake City's Connor O'Leary is off to Canada for life's next big challenge: The Tour Divide.

It's an epic mountain bike trek, known as perhaps the most difficult endurance-cycling race there is.

"You go through some of the most populated grizzly country, you're constantly above 10,000 feet," said Connor, who has been traveling around the world and training, since winning season 24 of The Amazing Race alongside his father, David.

In a few weeks, Connor heads to Canada, to cycle 2,745 miles, across the spine of the Continental Divide. Alone.

"I'll have somebody drop me off in Banff and pick me up in Mexico," he said. "It's making the realization going into it that things will go wrong,"

He'll bike through two countries, five states and will climb more than 200,000 feet. That's like cycling up Mt. Everest -- seven times!

If it sounds tough, consider this: Connor's had tougher. As a 19-year-old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, a disease he beat in 2011.

"At some point it's not so much physical as it is mental," he says about the upcoming ride. "I mean waking up, getting on your bike for 16 hours, sleeping for a few and then doing it all over."

Connor is no slouch when it comes to cycling. He's a former member of USA Cycling's{ } Under-23 National Team and he has an impressive list of cycling victories and accomplishments, but nothing quite like the Tour Divide.

The current record for the Tour Divide is 15 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes. At 23-years-old, Connor intends to beat that time.

"It's a pretty lofty goal, that's over 175 miles a day, but if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!"

{ }The Tour Divide begins June 12, in Banff, Alberta.


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