UVU working with NSA to get employees for data collection center

UVU working with NSA to get employees for data collection center

(KUTV) Utah Valley University is working with the National Security Agency to help supply new employees for the agency's massive date collection center in Utah County.

UVU has developed a new masters program in cyber security and is working to get special accreditation from the spy agency, in an effort to produce more potential employees for the massive center. A member of the NSA is also on the university's cyber security advising committee.

The university is also working with the FBI, CIA and private companies in an effort to educate more students in the cyber security field, which is booming right now. Asst. professor Robert Jorgensen said most of his students find themselves getting jobs even before they graduate.

Last year acclaimed journalist Glenn Greenwald, who helped CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden expose the US government's massive data collection efforts, visited Utah and warned against colleges forming relationships with spy agencies.

"Basically, educational institutions become nothing more than a training ground for government and military institutions and that's dangerous for all kinds of reasons. It sort of diverts the central value of academic institutions," said Greenwald.

Jorgensen says it's important for colleges to maintain their academic freedom, but he says government agencies are an integral part of the cyber security world.

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