VIDEO: Utah's Hogle Zoo welcomes endangered new baby Amur leopard cubs

Utah's Hogle Zoo welcomes endangered new baby Amur leopard cubs. (Photo: Utah's Hogle Zoo)

(KUTV) Utah's Hogle Zoo introduced two new Amur leopard cubs to its Zoo on Thursday. The species are critically endangered and only 60 Amur leopards exist in the wild, according to experts.

The two baby cubs named Rafferty, which means one who possess prosperity, and Roman, meaning strong and powerful, were both born Feb. 17.

The male baby leopard cubs have spent their days and nights bonding with mom and learning how to climb and jump all over the place.

The siblings now weigh in at about 12 and 13 pounds, respectively and are now ready to meet visitors to the zoo. You can see the cubs in the Asian Highlands Exhibit of Utah's Hogle Zoo.

The zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Click here for more details and admission prices.

Both of the cubs have white colored toes on their front feet.

Their mother, Zeya, is lovingly protecting and helping her little guys grow.

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