What you can expect in Trump's first 100 days as president

Americans everywhere will stop and listen to Donald J. Trump give the most important speech of his life Friday morning. The speech will set a tone, lay out his presidency and either confirm people’s notions of the business mogul or give them something more.

With Trump’s past as a guide, expect the unexpected. That may just mean a toned-down Trump who’s ready to unify.

Jason Perry, Director of the Hinckley Institute Of Politics, talked about whether that’s a real possibility.

“For those concerned President-elect Trump would represent all Americans, they will be looking for this speech to be the time he says, 'I am thinking of you and I will represent you.'"

Trump's speech, Perry said, is a chance to set the stage for the next four -- and maybe even eight.

“The hope is, from the public, that his inaugural speech is going to say something that unifies.”

Every president in history has had to unify a divided electorate, but for Trump the effort will be monumental with historically low approval ratings of 40 percent as he takes office.

“It is going to be an interesting dance for him. He is coming into office with very low favorability ratings; he does not necessarily have all the House and Senate behind him,” Perry said.

He said Trump has a chance -- if he chooses -- to make a change.

“The benefit of the doubt is still there because the polls have not gone up or down dramatically.” With that said, “he has a small window to start reassuring people.”

His effort, Perry says, will start on capitol hill “that's what I expect in the first 100 days is buy in- he actually sits down with members of Congress and says this is the plan. Help me make it work.”

Repealing and replacing Obamacare will be first on Trump’s to do list, but won't instantly change your life says Perry. “Very few things in DC happen very quickly is the reality of it.”

What must happen quickly if you ask Perry, is keeping backers who voted for Trump on board with smart business deals. He imagines Trump standing up and saying “I am going to prove I am the economic development president - I will keep people in the United States, make jobs come - you are better off because I’m here.”

There is a weight that comes with the highest office and already today, President Elect Trump was seen with solemn face as he lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. His demeanor many say was different, and it may just be the new President Trump. Only time will tell.

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