Where to avoid tickets, and crashes, on some of Utah's busiest roadways


(KUTV) If you’ve ever been handed a speeding ticket, it’s easy to suspect the police might have it out for you.

In fact, you’ve likely heard the narrative that cops set up speed traps to catch speeders in an effort to make money for a city or state. Or, that police write more tickets at the end of the month so they can meet their quota.

We decided to look at the data to prove or dispel this common tale.

What we found is revealing.

We obtained data from the Utah Department of Transportation. The data are the result of a three-year study that documented all the speed related crashes along the Wasatch Front from Ogden to Spanish Fork. It turns out the Utah Highway Patrol uses this very map to decide where to deploy their troopers for speed enforcement.

Salt Lake City police are the same. We tracked down data that outlined where the most accidents occur in the heart of the city, and that information lined up with the places you are most likely to get speeding citations.

So, if you travel along the Wasatch Front, here is where you are most likely to have and accident, and not coincidentally, where you are most likely to get a speeding ticket.

Let’s take a look at Interstate 15 starting in the north. According to the UDOT heat map, in Davis County, accidents are plentiful from the Clearfield exit to the Layton Hills Mall exit, and again from the Farmington exit to the Parish Lane exit.

In Salt Lake County, the Interstate 80 interchange to Park City and 7200 South on I-15 are an accident magnet.

And in Utah County, crashes are heavy along I-15 at Thanksgiving Point, at the Orem exit and the Springville turn off.

The same principles apply in the big cities.

In Ogden, you are most likely to be involved in an accident at 3300 South Harrison Blvd, 400 S. 31st St. and 700 E. 30th St. — that's also where your are most likely to get a speeding ticket.

In Salt Lake City, accidents are most likely to happen in the heart of the city. In fact, from 400 East to 700 East and 100 South and 500 South there were 260 accidents. And from 300 West to West Temple and 100 South to 500 South there were 344 accidents in a single year. As you might imagine, this is where you are most likely to get a ticket in the city.

Salt Lake City Police say in addition to sending officers to write tickets where the accidents happen, they also send cops to respond to citizen complaints about speeding on the secondary roads. If you have a complaint about speeders in your neighborhood you can go to this link at and report it. It will also show you where officers are currently doing traffic enforcement operations.

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