Woman doesn't clean off windshield, slams into concrete median

Woman doesn't clean off windshield, slams into concrete median (Photo: Orem Police Department)

(KUTV) - The Orem Police Department has posted a warning on Facebook about cleaning off your windshield on snowy mornings.

"Trying to save some time in the morning? Instead of not clearing off your windshield maybe you could........meal prep your breakfast the night before (or just eat Captain Crunch all Berries), get off SM (Like the LT says "eat it don't tweet it"), set your clothes out beforehand, check the weather the night before, brush your teeth in the shower, get a low maintenance hair cut, make your Starbucks latte at home, cut some time off of your morning workout, stop hitting snooze or just GET UP EARLIER," the Facebook post said.

"Fortunately no one was hurt when this driver failed to clear off her windshield and couldn't see the concrete median when she tried to cross 800 North. Well, she hit the median, ruptured her gas tank and the sparks caused when she continued to drive over it, ignited the fuel and here's the aftermath. Saved a minute or two but wasn't worth it!

#scrapeyourwindshilednotyourgastank, #lifelessonsbroughttoyoubyOPD

Keep your rage in a cage, if it's not yours don't touch it, eat it don't tweet it, hugs, not drugs and confuses people," the post said.

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