Oregon family bewildered by young woman's mysterious disappearance

Demi Helenius was reported missing on Sunday, August 6, 2017. Photo courtesy Washington County Sheriff's Office

PORTLAND, Ore. – A few baffling clues are all investigators have to go on after a young Oregon woman disappeared over the weekend.

Demi Helenius, 23, attended the Landmark Worldwide Forum at the Embassy Suites Hotel near the Portland airport on Saturday night, her family told investigators.

The conference ended at 10 p.m. But, when Demi Helenius didn’t return home or call or text by 11 p.m., her mother began to worry.

Demi Helenius lives with her mom. She said her daughter is usually good about calling and texting when she leaves somewhere.

Her family searched for Demi Helenius’ car at the hotel where the conference was held - but it was not there. They also learned that Helenius did not attend the conference the next day.

"So, we believe that she was in her car - by herself or not, we don't know.," said Melody Helenius, Demi Helenius’ mother.

Then, in another strange development, Demi Helenius’ phone was given to a worker at a Dairy Queen in Creswell, Ore., on Saturday night by a man passing through the drive-through.

“If she had her phone, I wouldn’t be so worried, you know? We could contact her, be in touch. But now that it’s been two nights and we haven’t been in contact with her, that – or any of our family – that is worrisome,” Melody Helenius said.

The sheriff’s office said they located to the man who dropped off the phone and talked to him. He said he found the phone in a nearby parking lot after seeing someone throw an object from a car.

Around 5 p.m. Monday, Demi Helenius' car was found behind a gas station in Cottage Grove, which is about 130 miles south of Portland on the Interstate 5 corridor.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said a “very cursory examination of the car at the scene found no foul play.”

Her family is now begging anyone who saw Demi Helenius’ car, at any time on Saturday night, to call police. The vehicle is described as a black 2013 Volkswagen beetle Fender Edition.

The car will be processed more thoroughly at the OSP crime lab.

Police also are asking anyone who saw Demi Helenius in the past week to talk to investigators. They’re looking for any leads to try and figure out where she is.

If you have any helpful information in the case, call the sheriff’s office at 503-846-2500.

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