Nokia may bring back old school brick cell phone 3310

Nokia may release revived throwback brick cell phone 3310. (Photo: Asimzb/Wikimedia Commons)

(KUTV) Long before the days of a camera phone and Siri there were mobile phones that just made calls and you had to tap a single key multiple times to get the letter you wanted to compose a text message. The phones were also filled with battery life to last nearly a month and were basically indestructible. Well they may be making a special appearance back on store shelves soon, according to a number of tech sources and it's not just for the nostalgia factor.

In September 2000, Nokia released the Nokia 3310. In case you forgot what it looked like, here’s a reminder.

These were the kind of phones you could get up out of your car, have it fall off your lap on the concrete across the parking lot – then get ran over by the car in the next stall and still be able to take a call.

The idea behind bringing the phone back is to sell it to consumers as a backup phone when their $700 smartphone is either, stolen, the screen breaks or the touch screen stops working. You know, the kind of things that can happen when you have a really expensive smartphone with more features than you can count on one hand. The phone is expected to cost only about $60, which isn’t too shabby if it still means being able to be connected and make calls and sent texts just like you did back when Napster was still a thing.

The Nokia 3310 sold about 126 million units by 2005 before the device was discontinued, according to Nokia. It's popularity lived on through internet memes that were created about it.

Watch as this one YouTuber demonstrates how strong the brick phone is compared to the iPhone 6.

The 3310 can even be used if your hammer breaks and you need to break another phone in an emergency, as this YouTuber expertly illustrates.

One other huge benefit to the old school cell phones – battery life was amazing.

The revived version of the 3310 is expected to be announced during the Mobile World Congress event on Feb. 26 in Barcelona, according to Evan Blass of VentureBeat.

Blass reported on the information based on intel from a person who was briefed on HMD Global Oy’s plans. The company is a Finnish manufacturer that has the rights to sell the phones under the Nokia brand.

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